No more backing into things with a Motorhome, Car or Caravan reverse camera kits.Reverse cameras not only make reversing a breeze but it ensures that you can see clearly behind your vehicle when reversing and or driving.                                                                                            


Believe it or not but 11% of accidents involve collision while reversing. Most of the time this is due to poor visibility and miscalculation. The more vehicles fitted with reverse cameras, the more chance that this figure will drop.

CCC will recommend a particular kit for customers that require a reverse camera on the rear of a motorhome or RV and or if your car or van has a kit already installed we can advise.

  • What brand it is.

  • Type of monitor or camera.

  • Is the system 12 or 24 volt.

  • Type of cabling required

Kits vary, dual, side, single and front vision cameras.

Where do you normally mount the monitor?                                                                                               

Can this monitor run all the time, not just in reverse?

Can I use the Motorhome or SUV Reverse Camera kit as a rear vision system?

CCC, has the expertise to consult and give advise about Caravan Electrics